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Deflationary BUSD Rewards Token

A New Dawn

What is ArtemisX?

Moon Mission

ArtemisX combines different products to bring holders passive income. The ecosystem token $ARTX brings holders 5% BUSD rewards from each transaction.


BUSD Rewards
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Buy Fee
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Sell Fee
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BUSD Rewards
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Burn Fee

Earn BNB through ROCKETFUEL, a mining platform where you deposit BNB and earn up to 8% back in BNB per day.

Earn BUSD through STABLEFUEL, a mining platform where you deposit BUSD and earn up to 8% back in BUSD per day. Automated.

ArtemisX pays holders with automatic BUSD rewards.

ArtemisX Tokenomics

$ARTX is a BEP-20 token with a deflationary supply that rewards holders in BUSD.



2% of the trading fees return go to buybacks, burns, and adding liquidity.

BUSD Rewards

5% of the trading fees are paid to holders as BUSD rewards. The more volume, the more rewards earned.


8% of the trading fees go to the treasury which supports the marketing and development.

The Sun

1% of $ARTX traded is auto-burned. The more volume = the less circulating supply available.


Our products are powered by DeFi and are designed to help you effortlessly generate cash flow from your crypto.
16% / 16%
BUSD Rewards
Ecosystem Token
Automatic Burn
Periodic Liquidity Add
Rug-Proof: No Minting Code
Rug-Proof: Liquidity Locked
Buyback & Burn

Buyback / Burn / Liquidity (BBL)

2% of trade volume goes to BNB in a wallet to perform BBLs which help improve the liquidity of $ARTX.

Buybacks & Burns

Some of these buybacks will be subsequently burned (adding to the liquidity indirectly).

Buybacks & Add Liq

Some of these buybacks will be paired with tokens and added to liquidity.


Supply is Auto-Burned to:

The Sun

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How it works

1% of all $ARTX traded is sent to the Sun. The more trade volume, the less circulating supply there is making the token deflationary.

BUSD Rewards

How it works

Simply hold $ARTX and you will earn BUSD rewards automatically! They are periodically sent to your wallet so you do not need to claim.

How are the rewards calculated?

BUSD rewards come directly from trading fees. So the more trade volume, the more BUSD rewards holders will earn.

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NFT Launchpad

ArtemisX will work with collectors to help build a cross-chain NFT launchpad bringing launches to Ethereum, Solana and BSC.

The launchpad will vet and incubate projects. ArtemisX holders will get early access to presales.


The founding team comprises of three people with diverse skillsets and previous experiences in building projects with large teams. The extended team consists of 10+ people who some of you might know from other big projects.

The CEO of our team is KYC-verified with Flooz.Trade – link here.

We are here to build an ecosystem for holders. By investing in ArtemisX you will get access to different utilities which you will be able re-invest your BUSD rewards into to grow your wallet even further.

NASA is currently conducting rocket tests for its Artemis missions with the aim of going back to the Moon.


In August 2022, Artemis Mission-I will spend 6 days orbiting the moon before returning to Earth. NASA hope to have the first female astronaut on the Moon by 2025 using SpaceX’s Starship.


This inspired us to build a project for a new generation of hodlers and explorers.

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